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Family Plan

Your family is the most exciting and important adventure of your lives

We want to accompany you to build a happy marriage 

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An exclusive plan for each family.  


Individualized attention and an organized follow-up system.


A system of shared responsibility between the two members of the couple. 

success rates

  • effectiveness forachieve pregnancyin thefirst cyclefor use in couples with normal fertility:76%

  • effectiveness forpostponetemporarily or permanently a pregnancy99.5%

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1, 2, 3... 18 children...?

It is not a matter of numbers, but of thinking big!


We give you the keys to discover your family plan.


In addition, we put at your disposal

the best Family Planning models.

Based on the knowledge and understanding of the couple's natural phases of fertility and infertility.

Effectiveness for:

- Achieve pregnancy in couples of normal fertility

up to 98%

- Temporarily or permanently Postpone pregnancy

up to 99.5%


Kids Making Breakfast_edited.jpg
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